Our services are tailored to suit the project, big or small. We listen to the specific needs of our clients and provide a highly personalized design response that blends seamlessly with the architecture and creates a garden to reflect the lifestyle of its inhabitants. A typical path could include the following:


We meet and look at the project together, you tell us about your connection and hopes for the space, we offer our professional vision and work up a design brief that will form the manuscript for the project.

Site Analysis
The site measure and evaluation of the project’s existing size and form. We identify the intrinsic natural and constructed assets and draw up the base plan that will form the canvas for the design.

Concept Design
This is why we come to work each day. The dreams, the visions, the invention stage. We prepare drawings to illustrate the design proposal for the space. Be ready to go ‘wow’.

Design Development + Documentation
This is where we fine tune the concept, etch out the details and select the materials. This stage provides all the construction plans, elevations and specification documentation from which to tender and build.

Town Planning
So no one gets in trouble. We prepare and submit all the plans and documentation to the governing bodies for any permits required.

This is where we use our expertise to ensure the best quality installation, for the best price possible. We work hard with our network of trusted and experienced contractors to set the budget and timeframe for a hitch-free delivery.

Construction Management
This is a project management service to ensure a high standard is maintained throughout the construction. We see everything is delivered as promised and as quoted, with the design integrity maintained throughout.

This is basically shopping. And we all love that. But if you don’t we’ll gladly do it for you. We know where to get some nice stuff in Melbourne. Furniture, pots, art, barbeques, light fittings, etcetera. We can provide a complete outdoor look with options to suit your taste, colour preference and budget, or just help you find that perfect piece.

Maintenance Plan
The newly installed Landscape will flourish and evolve over time. We can provide a maintenance program and work with qualified maintenance contractors to guide the Landscape to maturity with the original design intent intact and practical low maintenance solutions for you.